ARCServe support

ARCServe support

Post by Kurt Schafe » Tue, 01 Apr 1997 04:00:00

An associate told me today that he was fairly certain that the Cheyenne
ARCServe product can be utilized under FreeBSD.

Can anybody substantiate this claim ? It would be fantastic if it were
true. ARCServe is a great product.



1. Trouble setting up Arcserve agent for Linux / Arcserve for Netware

I have an existing installation of Arcserve 6.1 running on Netware
4.11.  I'd like to use that machine's tape drive to back up a new
Linux box (Caldera OpenLinux 1.2 - Linux kernel 2.0.33).  I have
downloaded and installed the Linux user agent from Cheyenne.  It runs
fine and does not appear to be causing any trouble.  But I can't get
my Arcserve server to find it.  When I go to the Server Manager and
open the Unix Clients section under backup, it's blank.  Has anybody
else done this?  Can you give me some advice?  Thanks.

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