Why I can't telnet to FreeBSD after install DES on FreeBSD?

Why I can't telnet to FreeBSD after install DES on FreeBSD?

Post by wanglei lis » Sat, 17 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I just configure my FreeBSD as a NIS client, and in order to share
passwd with other system, I installed DES.

But after that, when I type "telnet FreeBSDhost" on the NIS server, I
$telnet freebsdhost
connected to freebsdhost.
Escape character is '^]'
local flow control on

and then blocked there?

Is there something wrong with DES?

Thanks a lot!


Wang Lei


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It says Connected ...   but never gets a login prompt

Box A can telnet to a OpenBSD/sparc box that is sitting next to Box B.

I have tried reducing the MTU's on both Box A and B down to 1000 and still the
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If Box A dials into the ISP that Box B is connected to then Box A can telnet
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Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...

Nigel Gorry
Systems Administrator                            http://www.tropinet.com
Radio 4KZ, Kool-FM and Zed.Net ISP                http://www.znet.net.au

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