3rd drive not found..?

3rd drive not found..?

Post by controlle » Tue, 14 Nov 2000 04:00:00

yesterday I bought a new drive (ATA II seagate barracuda, 9.6GB, 7200rpm)
and tried to install it. the idea was to partition the new disk and move my
current FreeBSD 4.1 installation from the old disk (5400rpm, 3GB) to the new
However, FreeBSD doesn't even see the new disk (win98, which is located on
my first drive, found it without problems). It's not that fbsd gives me an
error message, but looking at /var/log/messages there simply isn't a trace
of the new disk.
When I start up fdisk from within /stand/sysinstall, there's no sign of the
new disk there either - instead, my old disks are now listed under 2 names
(ad0 &wd0, ad1 & wd1)....wtf ??????? I've done this kind of thing (moving
BSD from on disk to another) before and never experienced any problems.
what could possibly be wrong?

again, this my configuration:

primary master: 10GB with win98
primary slave: 3.2GB with freebsd
secondary master: CD-ROM
secondary slave: 9.6GB -> new disk

thanks for your help guys!


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