Key bindings issues?

Key bindings issues?

Post by Sean LeBlan » Wed, 14 Nov 2001 14:34:29

I finally succeeded in getting FreeBSD on
some hardware that was giving me fits (I finally removed a HD from the
picture). I installed some various things that are nice, Emacs
being one of them, along with bash. Bash helped some issues I had with
some keys not behaving the way I expected them to, most notably the
up arrow. I still find some key binding issues that I'm not sure how
to resolve.

The Meta key on emacs, for example, is one of them. I *can* use
Esc in replace of this, but I'm used to the Alt key.
I have the same .emacs file that I used on a Linux box in the
past. I don't *think* it's an Emacs thing, but I'm not sure.

One other thing: I had the console logged into for a while, and I
went to actually do something on the console (remote ssh was
still working) and I could not. Nothing I did was giving me a
response. Pretty weird. Is there something I could look for the next
time this happens? It hasn't happened since, at least not yet.

BTW, so far, I want to say: nice system! I should have switched a long
time's going to take a while to make the migration,
well as get used to things being in different places, etc. I really need
some good dead-trees documentation. Anyone care to recommend their fave?


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1. KDE 2.X key binding to Multimedia Keys

Does anyone know of a way/hack to bind all those Multimedia key to
actions (or programs)
under KDE. I run XFree86 4.1 and have my keyboard defined as chicony.
Under xev all buttons
are defined and get the proper tag when pressed, i.e.
XF86AudioRaiseVolume, XF86HomePage etc.
I only have Funtion keys 1-12 so someone's suggestion to start
defining these bindings to F13
on up wouldn't do me any good, I can't depress the key so I can't
bind it. Same thing for someone
else's suggestion to create new entries under system with the menu
editor and bind the entries.
Can't do that eithier. Pressing the key shows undefined. I have
attempted Hotkeys but the latest
version segfaults and really don't care to upgrade 2 different
packages just to get 1 stinkin
prgram to work. I run Slackware (current). I can get the keys to bind
(or at least get recognized)
under Enlightenment, but never really run it. It's KDE i'm interested
in. If anyone can point me
to some resource (besides KDE help, been there, done that) or make
some suggestions that haven't been
tried before, it would be greatfully appreciated. TIA.

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