X error - missing libraries?

X error - missing libraries?

Post by Julian Pri » Sun, 23 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I have just installed lesstif and have got jdk1.0.2 working under fbsd2.1.5
even though I thought it only worked under fbsd2.*
Anyway, I tested an application under it that used the awt and I got the
following error:

X error: BadName (named color or font does not exist)
  resource id: 2400056
  serial no. of failed request: 2139
  error code: 15 (320C)
  opcode of failed request: 45,0 (2D,0)
X error: BadFont (invalid Font parameter)
  resource id: 2400056
  serial no. of failed request: 2140
  error code: 7 (320C)
  opcode of failed request: 56,0 (38,0)

I had been getting this error under kaffe, but I thought that it was a
kaffe-specific problem. Now I think I'm missing some fonts.
What X fonts should I install to correct this error?



1. libpng.so.3 - missing library file missing

I reinstalled ghostscript from another mirror site Still have the same problem  .
Please HELP . some suggestions .
# ldd /opt/csw/bin/gs
        libXt.so.4 =>    /usr/lib/libXt.so.4
        libXext.so.0 =>  /usr/lib/libXext.so.0
        libX11.so.4 =>   /usr/lib/libX11.so.4
        libpng.so.3 =>   (file not found)
        libz.so.1 =>     /usr/lib/libz.so.1
        libm.so.1 =>     /usr/lib/libm.so.1
        libc.so.1 =>     /usr/lib/libc.so.1
        libSM.so.6 =>    /usr/lib/libSM.so.6
        libICE.so.6 =>   /usr/lib/libICE.so.6
        libdga.so.1 =>   /usr/openwin/lib/libdga.so.1
        libsocket.so.1 =>        /usr/lib/libsocket.so.1
        libnsl.so.1 =>   /usr/lib/libnsl.so.1
        libdl.so.1 =>    /usr/lib/libdl.so.1
        libmp.so.2 =>    /usr/lib/libmp.so.2

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