3com 509 isa pnp card problem

3com 509 isa pnp card problem

Post by M. » Fri, 27 Apr 2001 02:57:04

i can't use my network card with FreeBSD :-[
after i try to use the interface - system freezes.
the os detects the card, strangely on 2 address ports: 0x210 and on
the bios assumes i have a PNP disabled OS [this works for other OS's],
so BIOS configures the PnP ISA card itself.

i have ASUS CUV4X board, it has only 1 ISA slot.

i've tried to recompile the kernel and to remove the unneccessary stuff,
i edited the configuration file,but i couldn't make it - something was
i'm using now RedHat, and my kernel doesn't support slices of FreeBSD -
so i can't
paste the errors :-/ and i don't have network under FreeBSD - the great
networking OS

anyway the card works fine under other OS's.. so this must be a
configuration problem,
but i don't know which exactly.
it is not a rare card.. what can be wrong ????



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Hi!! I'm having a problem configuring my ISA 3com 509 card in RedHat!! I get
it to work in RH6.0. But there I have some other probs! I think it's because
RH are experiencing some problems with ISA-cards. So if anyone are
experiencing something similar, or know how I shall configure it, I will
appreciate your help!! Every hint and tip are welcome!!
(PS!! I got it to work under RH 6.1 once, but then it hang, and sendmail and
other things under startup would'nt load!!)

Thanks for any and all info and hints
Ketil Eriksen

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