xlock + gl problem on voodoo3

xlock + gl problem on voodoo3

Post by Matthew L. Creec » Tue, 07 Jan 2003 05:58:30

My system:

RELENG_5_0 updated Jan 4

I've got a Voodoo3 2000, and drm is enabled.  xlock runs fine in any
of the 2D modes.  In a 3D mode (superquadrics for example), the
display itself runs fine.  As soon as I revert to 2D by clicking the
mouse though, xlock exits (obviously not good for locking a
terminal).  The only output is this:

xlock in free(): error: page is already free
Abort trap

/var/log/messages shows this:
Jan  5 15:53:52 plex kernel: pid 49780 (xlock), uid 1001: exited on
signal 6

I used to get the free() error with 4.x, but it would continue
running just fine.  I'm not sure whether this is a problem with
xlock or some component of opengl, or whether 5.0 has more strict
error handling for libc (causing the free() error to trap) or what.
Anyone else have this problem?  Any help is much appreciated

Matthew L. Creech


1. xlock patch for RS/6000 (Was: Re: xlock compilation)

cleaned up my patch to xlock-2.3 for the IBM RS/6000, and placed it on
export.lcs.mit.edu as contrib/xlock-2.3-rs6000.patch.

  The environment I have is:

  IBM RS/6000 550, AIX 3.1.6, bsdcc (as defined by /usr/lpp/bos/bsdport),

  The port depends on "AIXV3" being defined.

  Hope it helps :)


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