How to create FreeBSD CD/Set?

How to create FreeBSD CD/Set?

Post by gilbe » Tue, 24 Jun 2003 15:54:56

Hi people
I am trying to create my own FreeBSD 5.1 CD/set, and at the moment
having a big puzzle with splitting packages. I have read
packages/x30.html document.

I have installed FreeBSD 5.1 (downloaded the CD1 iso), installed ports
and sources, however I am really confuse:
1. looking at /usr/ports/Tools/scripts/release/*
   I am confuse because some of them wanting .tbz files while others
   wanting .tgz file.  I thought 5.1 use .tbz by default.
   I thought I had the old version, so I CVSup them and after completed
   I dont see these files are changed.

2. Anyway, after following your instructions, I run it and it failed.
   Then I changed all the .tgz occurances into .tbz and run it again.

3. it sort of works, I have a lot of "needed files" that did not make it.
   One thing that I really could not work it out is why my 1st CD
   contains stuffs like rusian/, japanese/, etc while the iso image I
   does not. The iso contains kde/ and gnome/ directories and mine does
   do they use different file?  Do you know where
   I can get it?

thank you in advance