Linux ELF interpreter error with linux version of NeTraMet on Freebsd2.2.7

Linux ELF interpreter error with linux version of NeTraMet on Freebsd2.2.7

Post by InterViso » Fri, 12 Feb 1999 04:00:00


I unpacked the linux version of NeTraMet to measure traffic from our
intranet to the internet over our isdn router.

When I try to run the NeTraMet package all I get is the following

  ELF interpreter /compat/linux/lib/ not found

I looked up this library on the internet and copied it to

However when I try to run Netramet now I just get segmentation faults
and it dumps a core.

Should I install the liinux library in another way? It
didn't install when I ran the linux library install.




1. installing linux version of Netramet on freebsd2.2.7


I want to track the IP traffic that passes our ISDN internet router. I
have been told that netramet is a package that collects data on IP
traffic and stores this data in SNMP counters, which can be nicely
read by MRTG to produce detailed graphics on our bandwidt/traffic
utilisation. So I thought I's install Netramet and MRTG and hey

Unfortunatly there is no FreeBSD binary package out there to simply
pkg_add. I suppose I could emulate the linux version on the FreeBSD
machine. So I setup linux emulation and installed the lkb libraries.

Still I haven't an idea how to install the linux package. The file is
called linux42.tar.gz and I downloaded it from

Some help would be realy appriciated. (Even if it's only some help on
linux emulation on FreeBSD. Or have I got anybody interested enough to
build a new FreeBSD netramet package?



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