help with arpwatch

help with arpwatch

Post by sierr » Mon, 01 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Dear Bsd-advocates/support,

I have RELEASE-3.0 and version arpwatch.2_1a4.tgz

When I run arpwatch like so:

#./arpwatch -f {my ip address}

I get the following messages:

#Jan 31 12:56:13 {hostname} /kernel: ed1: promiscuous mode enabled
Jan 31 12:56:13 {hostname}  arpwatch: fopen(my ip address): No such file or

three times.
I have created /usr/operator/arpwatch/arp.dat
& /usr/operator/arpwatch/ethercodes.dat as well

What is going on here? Why doesn't this thing work?

Thanks in advance,



1. help! arpwatch flip flop

i'm trying to set up a linux box on a primarily winnt network.
everything was running fine but then i suddenly lost my network
connectivity. i could ping every machine on our internal network except
for our internet gateway (which happens to be running rh-6.0) and,
obviously, any machine on the other side of the gateway.

so i turned on arpwatch on my machine and observed the following
curious spew (let me prefix the spew - the gateway has exactly two 3Com
cards in it - I don't know the details because I don't have access):

Subject: flip flop
Status: RO

            hostname: <unknown>
          ip address:
    ethernet address: 0:60:8c:c9:c:73
     ethernet vendor: 3Com (1990 onwards)
old ethernet address: 0:40:c7:29:ee:d2
 old ethernet vendor: Danpex Corporation
               delta: 52 seconds


Subject: flip flop
Status: RO

            hostname: <unknown>
          ip address:
    ethernet address: 0:40:c7:29:ee:d2
     ethernet vendor: Danpex Corporation
old ethernet address: 0:60:8c:c9:c:73
 old ethernet vendor: 3Com (1990 onwards)
               delta: 0 seconds

this flip flop has filled my mbox with 100's of messages just like the
above (the only thing that changes is the delta which seems to be
fairly random). the most curious bit about the above messages is that
there is no Danpex Corporation nic card in the box, afaik.

someone please help. thanks in advance.

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