PROBLEM: Cyclades multi-port serial board

PROBLEM: Cyclades multi-port serial board

Post by Roger Dun » Mon, 01 Jul 1996 04:00:00

        I have recently purchased a Cyclades 16-Ye 16-port serial board, but cannot for
the life of me get it to function correctly under FreeBSD 2.1.
I have followed the 'cy' man page and the FreeBSD handbook as best I can, and I can get
getty to raise the DTR (as the modem light responds), but cannot seem to get anything
else to work. I have tried using 'cu' and 'tip' to dial and enter commands to the modem,
but it doesn't respond correctly. The TR light on the modem just blinks on and off, and
nothing else!

Any suggestions??

I can't seem to get the board to function correctly under DOS either. I tried the
CYCTEST programme which indentifies the board just fine, but when I connect a modem and
try to test a port it responds with 'No ports selected and/or connected', when I have
connected and selected a port! Once again, if I go to the terminal emulation option in
CYCTEST, I can raise and lower the DTR no problems, but anything else doesn't seem to




1. Cyclades multi-port serial driver

 I am using the linux 2.0.25 and cyclades multiport serial card and
driver. I am facing some really weird problems with cyclades driver.
The driver is usually stable. However,  the problems begin when
I connect a modem to the port for dialing in. I dial in from another
computer via modem into the serial port.  We have implemented some
changes which allows is to collect the data which flows into the
cyclades driver (i.e. simple printk's). Now sometimes, after the
connection is made, the data passes across flawlessly.

 However, for most of the times I face problems at the lowermost layer
of the driver. I get messages such as Framing error or Break in Rx.
I have repeated the test several times and it recurs with no particular
diagnosis. And I repeat, the errors occur at the point where the driver
just collects the data and analyzes the integrity. So, I think there is
something flawed about the cyclades card and modem combination
interface. I have changed the modems connected to cyclades with the same

 So, if someone can advise me on this it will be great. If there is
someone who has experience with cyclades linux drivers, that would  be
great too. I am really in distress on this problem.

Sachin Sheth
Graduate Research Assistant,
University of Kansas.

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