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We are the leader in recruitment for Networking Start-ups in the
Optical, DSL and Wireless Data spaces.

The Networkmine is looking for:
 - V.P Routing Develpoment at a super hot optical manufacturer in the
MAN space

- Asic and software developers (Routing protocols OSPF, BGP, PPP)
- Routing engineers with pre/post sales experience
- Test engineers
- Network protcol SQA testers.  
- Distributed Computing (CORBA) software developers.  
- Optical networking/Sonet architect/guru.  
- IP network operators across the country

We are working with the leader in the wireless Data world providing a
fiberless optical network with 10 meg to the last mile!

Our clients are listed in the top 50 companies to watch (Red Herring)
and offer a comprehensive stock option plan combined with exceptional

We give cash $2000 U.S referrals for candidates that are placed with
our clients. Confidentiality guaranteed.

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or call directly
Glen Rostie


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Would be greatful for suggestions why system logger takes so long time to
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Usually, all services are launched in almost no time during a start up, but
when the system logger is about to be launched the process takes minutes.


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