Mgetty and Incoming Fax problem

Mgetty and Incoming Fax problem

Post by Patrick Sonne » Fri, 14 May 1999 04:00:00

Here's a weird one...

I've been using Mgetty, and an old USR 28.8K sportster as my incoming fax

It has been working fine, except for this one customer.

Here is the mgetty log entries from the fax he is trying to send me.

05/12 12:51:49 aa0  waiting for ``CONNECT''
05/12 12:51:58 aa0  found action string: ``+FCO_''
05/12 12:51:58 aa0  start fax receiver...
05/12 12:51:58 aa0  fax_wait_for(OK)
05/12 12:52:29 aa0  connection hangup: '+FHS:01'** found **
05/12 12:52:29 aa0  mdm_send: 'AT+FLO=2'
05/12 12:52:39 aa0  Warning: got alarm signal!
05/12 12:52:39 aa0  mdm_read_byte: read returned -1: Interrupted system call
05/12 12:52:39 aa0  mdm_get_line: cannot read byte, return: Interrupted
system call -> ERROR
05/12 12:52:39 aa0  modem doesn't like +FLO=2; using Xon/Xoff
05/12 12:52:39 aa0  mdm_send: 'AT+FLO=1' -> OK
05/12 12:52:39 aa0  fax_get_pages: no pages to receive

Any idea what is going on here, and what I can do to get this to work?


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Hi, thanks for your answers.


Yes here I mistyped but in my script it looks like:

When I use the first comand, its printing but the wrong resolution.

1.I took a look at /var/spool/fax nothing in here

2.I found other samples in /usr/share/doc/mgetty-1.1.25

3.I tried, from comand line > -h fnb*

  I get the error, image too large for page, rescaling to 0.340742

4.Than I tried new_fax.pbm to convert fax file and compress it, but nothing changed

5.I also put in the new_fax.lj to auto print but this script isn't working too.

6.I found info about scale and used:

the job was in queue for 10 min. and its printout was just one line

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks again

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