Q: 2.2.8 and limits on large EIDE drives

Q: 2.2.8 and limits on large EIDE drives

Post by metcal.. » Wed, 12 May 1999 04:00:00


I am about to install FreeBSD 2.2.8 on a system that
has a large (14GB) EIDE drive.  I have read in the
2.2.8 release notes that IDE hard drives > 8GB are
supported.  My question is this.  I only want to
dedicate 3GB to FreeBSD on the system and would prefer
to have only one FAT32 partition.  From looking at
the LBA geometry on the hard drive, the BIOS is reporting
over 1700 cylinders.  My guess is that the BIOS on this
system is such that the 1024 cyl hard limit for root
partitions will probably not give me a problem here.
If the BIOS can address over 1024 cylinders for DOS/Win98,
I am guessing that I can place the root fs on this
system well above 1024 LBA cylinders, and I will still
be able to boot.

I know that all I have to do is try it and see if it
works.  Unfortunately, I won't have access to the system
until next week, and I was hoping that someone will
be able to address my intuition with their own knowledge/
experience.  Does anybody have any idea if I'm right?



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 >The bottom line is that I cannot create any LINUX partitions because fdisk

ID=54, that's the number of the beast (the Ontrack beast, that is..)

If you want to use just the lower 300 MB for DOS, you don't need the Ontrack
Diskmanager in any case. Just get rid of it! (It has driven me crazy too, when
I installed my WD drive :-((

No, you *really* don't need the Ontrack crap! I am using a WD 3700 with 350MB
for DOS, 350MB for Linux, *without* Ontrack, and I'm totally happy with it..
Had to reformat the hd in the very beginning to remove Ontrack, though..


Excuse me, but I do *not* believe that FreeBSD would handle Ontrack-spoiled
hd's better than Linux does ??!?


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