ISA SCSI card device driver???

ISA SCSI card device driver???

Post by Simon Y. Chan » Wed, 05 Sep 2001 10:17:44


Let me say a few things about me to set the stage:

1)  I know enough about FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE to build a reasonably secure
firewall for my home office (ipfw, natd, shutting down services in inetd,
compiling kernel, etc.)
2)  I know nothing about C or C++ (or C#) programming, but am interested to

Now, I have an older ISA SCSI card (the Trantor T-160) that I had picked up
from a garbage pile somewhere (I forgot where), that I would like to get
working.  I have gotten this SCSI card to work under Novell NetWare 4.11
server with no problems so I know it works.  Trouble is that I see nothing
in the hardware compatibility list in v4.2-RELEASE that indicates that this
might at all work with it.  The GENERIC kernel doesn't even ID the card
(dmesg), and I don't see anything that might help me during kernel compile.

Question #1:  Has anyone written a driver for this card?  If so, can you
tell me what I need to do to get this card to work under FreeBSD?

Question #2:  I checked the FreeBSD web site and found an article titled
"Writing device driver for ISA device".  It looks nightmarishly difficult,
from the little that I understood.  So writing a device driver myself is out
of the question.  But if someone is at all interested in taking this on as a
pet project (no rush at all on getting this card to work) I am open to
baking something for you. =-)

Just my thoughts for today,

Simon Chang


1. How to write a device driver for data acquisition via ISA card

Hey everybody, I want to respond to a hardware interrupt from a data
acquisition card via ISA card. I manage to communicate with the card
throught simply I/O program. And now I would like to write a user program
with an interrupt handler.

My questions are:
1) My first step is to install the interrupt handler to the kernel. The
following is my source code. Is my structure of source code to install
interrupt handler correct? What am I missing? And what functions and header
files I need to install and service an interrupt routine?

#include <linux/sched.h>

  unsigned int CAN_irq = 9;

 if (CAN_irq >= 0)

     int result = request_irq(CAN_irq, CAN_ISR, SA_INTERRUPT, "CAN", NULL);

     if (result)
      printk(KERN_INFO "CAN card can't get assigned irq %i/n", CAN_irq);
      CAN_ISR = -1;

    return 0;

note: I also wrote CAN_ISR interrupt service routine.

2) Is there any example of device driver codes like this?

3) How to compile it? Is "gcc -O -D__KERNEL__ -o test test.c" correct?

4) Is it possible (reasonable, etc) to write a user program that uses a
hardware interrupt without writing a device driver?

For your information, I'm using RH 6.1 with gcc-2.91.66. I'm referring Linux
Device Driver by Alessandro Rubini and Linux Kernel Internal by M Beck, U
Kunitz and etc. Any other good references?

Thank you.

Chun Seong

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