Q: Xgalaga and Luigis Sound driver

Q: Xgalaga and Luigis Sound driver

Post by Patrick M. Hause » Wed, 19 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi all!

After setting up my new system with Luigi's sound code instead of the
old Voxware drivers xgalaga doesn't work anymore.
The sound is always a couple of seconds behind.

Any hints? More HW-Info needed?



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I'm a newbie to Linux and am quickly learning, but I have a few
questions.  I have just set up Red Hat 6.1 Deluxe and am having the
following three problems and  can't find solutions in any documentation:

1.  PPP is working, but I can't open Netscape due to a "lock file".
Where is this lock file and should I delete it?  What do I need to do
to use Netscape?

2.  How do I set up and configure my sound?  I have no sound right now
and can't figure out how to get Linux to fetect my sound card.  I have
a Soundblaster 16, by the way.

3.  How do I mount my CD-ROM drive?  My floppy seems to mount
automatically, but everytime I try to mound my CD-ROM I get the message
"Invalid media type" - regardless of what CD is in the drive.

I would greatly appreciate any replies!

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