Load-Balancing Outgoing Network Connections

Load-Balancing Outgoing Network Connections

Post by Curtis Jon » Wed, 22 Aug 2001 11:23:19

I've run into an interesting opportunity - I've got decent internet
access through a cable modem, and my new employer is offering to fully
pick up the tab on DSL, if I so desire it - to which I could hardly
bring myself to say 'no'. Anyway, so, I should have DSL AND Cable here
pretty soon. Ever since AT&T took over Comcast's customer base in this
area, the cable service has been horrible...hopefully just
transition-related 'pains'. Anyway, my FreeBSD machine is using ipfw
to shield my in-house network from the evils of the outside world. I
have a hub on either side of the machine, and I am going to add
another nic, and another hub to accomodate the DSL connection. I'd
like outgoing traffic to be somehow 'load balanaced' across the two
connections - even alternating would be sufficient - I just don't know
how - or even if it's possible. Anyway, any assistance would be
greatly appreciated.


-Curtis Jones


1. load balancing tool for tcp/ip network connections

I want to use a few cable modems as one internet connection. I want to do
that because my cable modems are limited to 128 kbit/s.
I'm looking for a tool which is similar to eql. But i need it for multiple
cable modems.
I'm using Slackware 7.0
The principle should be possible because we have 2 cable modems with 2
accounts. We connect each modem to a different network card.

thank you for your help...


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