ldap 3.3

1. ldap 3.3 idl_insert_key: No space left on device

hi all !

i have installed ldap version 3.3 from umich.edu
on sparc enterpise 1000 with solaris 2.5.1
running small databases is no problem.
then i tried to create a database with about 450 entries
the input file is about 100k. ( this is really not a big db )
running ldif2ldbm i always get an error:
idl_insert_key: No space left on device

i looked at documentation and modfied slapd.conf with
dbcachesize 50000000
cachesize 100000
but this didn't solve my problem

i have about 1.7 gigabyte free swap and about 1 gig free
space on the harddisc.

any ideas where to tune ?

best regards from vienna           |   mayer (at) unisys.co.at_SPAM
hans                               |   mayer (at) relay.bfl.at_SPAM

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