Installing all installed packages.

Installing all installed packages.

Post by Carrier Famil » Mon, 17 Mar 2003 14:12:53

        When I install packages with sysinstall they are always sa
ved to /usr/ports/..., but the are not always installed. It can easily be re
medied with "make install", but how do I install all of the packes w
ithout reinstalling the ones already installed?

David Carrier


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HELP - Redhat install locks up !

Getting a weird problem installing RH 5.2 via FTP, on a 486DX2-66
with 12 MB RAM and 220 MB and 120 MB IDE Hard disks.
The video and drive controller cards are some old things out of
a cannibalized 386 machine...

CDROM is mounted on amy Celeron machine running 5.2.  Ethernet links
(3Com Etherlink III 10BaseT) are OK.

The install starts OK, I partioned the disks, selected all the
packages, and it starts pulling the packages over the ether and
installing them.

After 20 or so, it gets to the dev (devices package), which it
reports as being 0 kB in size; the 486 locks up at this point.

It did this exactly the same two differnet times.

Do I have suspect hardware, i.e. too old/weird to properly make
the /dev structure ?

Or something else ?

Thanks to all that read this,

martin rogers

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