DPT SCSI Controllers

DPT SCSI Controllers

Post by James Raynar » Mon, 01 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Has any progress been made on supporting these? This sounds like too
good an offer to pass up!

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: None of the free OS's support them AFAIK as all the necessary info is
: subject to NDA's. However, I remember seeing someone on one of the
: FreeBSD mailing lists saying they were negotiating with DPT and they
: thought it looked reasonably promising.

Linux does indeed support the DPT caching SCSI cards.  Juding by the
comments in the Linux DPT driver source, DTP actually provided some
measure of assistance.  If somebody actually cares to write a driver for
NetBSD/FreeBSD, I would not mind providing assitance in the form of an
EISA SmartCache+ card loan/purchase (provided I had some kind of
gaurantee of something being produce).  Good Luck.

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1. Problem with Wangtek SCSI Tape streamer with DPT SCSI controller.

Hi all,

I have a new problem!

EISA i486 machine. DPT SCSI 2122 controller with 4 MB cache and RAID 1 module.
SCSI Wangtek 5250ES (or something like this) tape streamer.

The streamer can write to tape (with tar and with cpio), but it cannot
READ from tape (neither with tar nor with cpio)!!
Each time I try to read, the whole system hangs!! The only solution is then
to reset it!!

The controller don't seem to have any problems with the hard disks. So I
suppose the problem isn't with the controller, but then where?? Maybe on
the streamer hardware??

Any hints would be appreciated. Thanx, victor.


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