February 12th meeting notice of The Tech Startup Connection

February 12th meeting notice of The Tech Startup Connection

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Reminder - important meeting ...

February 12, 2001 - Meeting notice of The Tech Startup Connection

Ten months ago Apple Computer announced the release of Darwin 1.0, the
advanced operating system core of its soon to be released (March 24th) Mac
OS X. The lowest layers of this OS are based on Mach 3.0 kernel and
FreeBSD. Inasmuch as Darwin follows the open source model, tens of
thousands of registered Darwin developers will be able to modify,
customize and extend this key Apple software. As a result, Apple expects
to be one of the largest distributors of Open Source software, creating a
giant, homogenous market for what had previously been niche solutions.

On Monday, February 12th Apple1s Dr. Ernest Prabhakar will describe how
and why Apple is blending open and proprietary software as part of a whole
new area in software development. Please join us as we explore how we may
participate in the business opportunities the Darwin project will spawn.

Dr. Ernest Prabhakar joined Apple in 1997 to help marry Apple1s legendary
user-friendliness with modern standards-based technologies.

The main meeting starts at 7:30PM (stragglers beware - no entry after
8PM!) and a discussion of member projects currently underway and other
issues of interest to entrepreneurs begins at 9:15PM (important business
opportunities are often discussed).  Adding to your knowledge, looking for
a lucrative business investment, starting a new company?  This is the


1. The meeting site is Sun Microsystems, 901 San Antonio Rd., CA. Please
let us know immediately if you would like a .pdf document which contains
important additional information, including a map to the meeting site.

2. The Tech Startup Connection was originally known as The Silicon Valley
Entrepreneur's Connection ... name change.

B. Mitchell Loebel

CEO,CTO              Multinode Microsystems Corporation
Executive Director   Silicon Valley Entrepreneur's Connection


1. The PARALLEL Processing Connection February 14th Meeting Notice

This is your last PPC meeting announcement!

We've been hard at work over the past few months creating a new
organizational framework. Beginning next month our headline will say The
Silicon Valley Entrepreneur's Connection (see the accompanying Acrobat
file ... "SVEC - What's It All About, and What's New").

February 14 - VALinux Systems ... off and running ... hard!

Remember the recent spectacular VALinux IPO? Clearly, many investors
properly saw the company as a leader in the Linux field.  Joseph E. Arruda
is its Corporate Alchemist; he is responsible for Technology Evangelism
and Business Development.  He notes that while VA Linux Systems is often
seen as only a hardware company, it is closer to a full systems
integration house with additional emphasis in services and advanced R&D
for Linux.  Clusters and scientific computing are very much on its
roadmap.  What differentiates VA from other firms, what is its current
work with scientific computing, and what channels are available for
working with business development and partnering with VA?  Joseph will
discuss these issues and he'll describe VA's various divisions and their

Prior to VA, Joseph was the Eduactional Projects Specialist for SUN
Microsystems service arm. Please join us for this important meeting at
7:30PM -- see map below.

Our Valentine's Day gift ... for this meeting there will bo no visitor
fees ... y'all come!

B. Mitchell Loebel
CEO, Chief Technical Officer
MultiNode Microsystems Corporation              408 732-9869

Executive Director
The PARALLEL Processing Connection              408 732-9869

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