float point exception on 3.0

float point exception on 3.0

Post by May Chan » Wed, 09 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I just installed freebsd 3.0 snapshot on my machine and the netscape
4.0b5 from the /usr/ports directory, but whenever I start netscape, I
got float point exception error, any one knows what the problem is?



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Hi All !

Please, can somebody help me.

I have the following problem. I have access to two Linux/Alphas
PC21164-P7.  But I am not able to do something really useful with
them, since I got "Floating Point Exceptions" and the console report
something like:

arithmetic trap at 0000000120090248: 11 0000000800000000

It is not that the applications I am running are bad, since they are
well established and runs on other platforms quite well.

There is one more thing that bothers me and that is that console reports

messages like, whenever I run some program (for example compiler or some

other programs):

<sc 208(11ffffbba,3e8,64)>

And I don't know what this messages means.

I am running kernel 2.0.37 and Debian/GNU Linux slink 2.1.

Does anybody have the same problems or knows how to resolve them ????



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