NFS client "got bad cookie" bug

NFS client "got bad cookie" bug

Post by Marco Alberon » Tue, 23 Jul 2002 22:37:13

I hoped the NFS client "got bad cookie" bug was resolved in FreeBSD 4.6,
but it's still present:

I want to mount two directories, via NFS, from an OS/2 server to a
FreeBSD client. The first one work without a problem, but the second one
always gives me the
"/kernel: got bad cookie vp ..." message, when I try to access it.

I've found a lot of past messages in freebsd newsgroups about this
problem, but no working solution.

Do you have any idea?
        Marco Alberoni


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But another problem still exists.
When the perl script contains following lines:
     print "Set-Cookie: cookie-name = Unique; ";
     print "domain = .$baseurl; ";
     print "path = /; ";
     print "expires = Thursday, 11-Dec-2100 00:00:00 GMT\n";
It just print out these lines on the web.
Still the same script runs perfect under windows+apache+cygwin.
Please tell me how to change the httpd.conf file just as the last question.
Thank you very much.

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