Adaptec AIC-7890?

Adaptec AIC-7890?

Post by Jochen Scharrla » Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:00:00


any chance to get an Adaptec AIC-7890 (U2W-SCSI, onboard on an Asus
P2B-S) working anytime soon?





1. Asus P2B-S motherboard with on-board Adaptec AIC-7890


I want to change my old T55TP4N/P90 to a brand new P2B-S with a
P400. I guess there is no problem with the 440BX chipsetm so the only
point that could be a problem seems to be the Adaptec AIC 7890 & 3860
SCSI controller on board. Is there any problems known with this
controller ? I've looked around a bit, and the hardware-faqs don't say
anything about this specific controller (the AIC-788x seems to be

Thanx in advance.

-- Francois Fleuret

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