2..1.5-RELEASE ---------->2.2-GAMMA How to?

2..1.5-RELEASE ---------->2.2-GAMMA How to?

Post by Sam Hadzajli » Tue, 18 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Please does any one know safe way to update my
2.1.5 to 2.2-GAMMA .Server have about 600 users and I need
tested procedure.


2..1.5-RELEASE ---------->2.2-GAMMA How to?

Post by mcu.. » Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:00:00

We have done it two ways: 1. by following the upgrade option of the
/stand/sysinstall and 2. by creating a new filesystem on another
hard-drive, then transferring directories, etc.

1.  The upgrade worked fine, as far as we can tell, but it WAS a scary
situation. It's a small system with few users -- I'd be sweating bullets
doing that on a 600-user system.

2.  In the second case, we had to change out the boot drive, so we
installed the 2.2-GAMMA on the new drive, mounted the original
filesystem und /mnt, and cp-ed the /usr/home directories,
hosts file, rc.local and other network and config-related files. After
copying the passwd and master.passwd files, ran vipw and saved.

   One big mistake was cp-ing the /home directories as root. Had to spend
two hours fixing permissions...but you are now the only other person on
earth who knows about it.  ;-)


: Please does any one know safe way to update my
: 2.1.5 to 2.2-GAMMA .Server have about 600 users and I need
: tested procedure.
: Thank's


1. Upgraded from 2.2-GAMMA to 2.2-RELEASE: problems...

Hi all,

I recently upgraded my home system to 2.2-RELEASE from 2.2-GAMMA by
following this procedure:

1. Back up /etc.
2. rm -rf /usr/src.
3. Install the dists over my existing system with the install.sh's.
4. Restore /etc.
5. Compile the 2.2-RELEASE kernel (I had to use PNP with it to get my
   modem, so...)

The new system finishes booting the kernel and starts to go into the
startup script, at which point I get some sort of panic saying "expected
vref wanted vget" or something similar, perhaps the other way around. It
then proceeds to attempt to sync my disks (which it sat indefinitely
trying to do) and halt.

I booted back with my last GAMMA kernel, and it boots up fine.  What's
going on? I don't *THINK* I used any different kernel options in my
2.2-RELEASE kernel.


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