specified device does not match mounted device

specified device does not match mounted device

Post by Albert Kinderma » Sun, 28 Oct 2001 02:12:51

I admin, but do not own, a box that was needed for another task.
Someone copied the contents of the scsi drives to ide drives,
which were placed in a new machine.

When booting on the new machine, the root device is not found
since the boot sequence is looking for the scsi drives.  From the
mount root prompt, I can point the boot to /dev/ad0s1 and the boot
proceeds in single user mode.  None of the devices
/dev/ad0s1a,c,e,f are made so I cannot mount /usr and /var, but
disklabel shows the partitions as existing.  When I try to
MAKEDEV, it fails because the file system is read only.

If I try to remount / on /dev/ad0s1 with mount -u, I get the
/dev/ad0s1 on / :specified device does not match mounted device

however, mount shows / is mounted on /dev/ad0s1

If I try with /dev/ad0s1a, mount returns file does not exist.

Any suggestions?


Albert Kinderman      Department of Management Science
       California State University, Northridge


1. HELP! : Specified device does not match mounted device

I upgraded from via cvsup from 2.2.5 to 2.26. First I have build a
generic kernel and everything worked fine. Than I have build a
customized kernel and removed unused devices. This kernel also
worked well and I could boot with it. Than I got the idea to remove also
the unused devices from
the /dev directory.

After a little thougt I decided that this was not such a good idea and
started ./MAKEDEV all.

When I wanted to boot the next day I got an shell and I found out that
the devices
/dev/sd1s01a - /dev/sd1s1h where missing only sd1a to sd1h where there.
Though I created them
after mounting the root partition on an other mount point (Forcing the
mount of root failed with the
message in the subject line) using:

ln rsd1a rsd1s1a and sd1a sd1s1a .... (and so on)

This worked fine for the /usr /var and the /home partitions. When I boot
now I get the message:

rsd1s1a clean (fir all used partitions).

But the root partion mount fails withe the message: Specified device
does not match mounted device.

When I boot with the 2.2.5 kernel Everything works fine. There I get the
message :
Changing root device to sd1a

and every partition will be mounted.

So what is going on? And what can I do to get around this problem

Georg Wagner
ITMF-WGR  FS117   Tel. 6 69 92 / +41 (0)1 236 69 92
Union Bank of Switzerland, Zurich

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