Can't post. NNTP configuration problem?

Can't post. NNTP configuration problem?

Post by Elya Kurktc » Sat, 06 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm running CNEWS and NNTP on FreeBSD2.0.5 and can't seem to
post to it.  Anybody know which file I need to modify to allow
posting so that my users won't get "can't post" messages?




1. Can't post with trn v2.2 NNTP

Ever since our upgrade to trn v2.2 NNTP, we've been unable to post
messages. Thanks to some help help in C.O.L.* we finally got NNTP up and
running, but the problem never ended :(. Right after Pnews prompts "are
you sure you want to do this?" we get a "This machine does not have
permission to use the <name of server> news server" (not necessarily
verbatim). I've read through the README files for both trn and NNTP, the
man pages for nntpd, inetd, trn-- all several times, but I've exausted my
limited supply of brilliant ideas. If anyone can even point me in the
right direction to look for the problem, I'd really appreciate it. This
machine is currently a stand-alone (not connected to the net), but it
seems that all the related files have the correct info (including
nntp_access). Thanks in advance...

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