Did I download the right stuff and did it download right???

Did I download the right stuff and did it download right???

Post by Dave » Mon, 09 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'd like to set up FreeBSD and have found relitivly little spacific
documentation on setting it up. First of all, I cant find any where that
says what exactly I need to download from the distribution sights. I
took a wild guess and got the whole 2.2.5-release directory/sub-dirs.
But when downloading it came accross the 2.2.5-release/packages/xxx,
where xxx were directorys which containded symbolic links to what I
assume were gunzip files in the 2.2.5-release/packages/all/ directory.
But anyway, it didn't download all the symbolic links.

Did I get the right stuff???
Are those links not being there going to affect installation???
When I install it, do I need the whole 2.2.5-release directory available
to the install program or just certain sub-directorys?

Thanks in advance


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I support a LAN in a small office of 6 computers. They all run Win2k
or WinXP. There is a Win2k Server that runs Exchange.

All the computers sit behind a RedHat 7.2 ipchains firewall which is
also connected to a 140kbit DSL line.

When I go to the office I want to download all the windows updates for
all of the machines. It's often the case that they all need the same
updates (like Service Pack 3).

It takes forever for each machine to download every update. I know I
could manually go and find the updates and download them once, but
this seems tedious on my part.

I'm wondering if I install a caching proxy server on the RedHat
firewall, if it would make it so that after one machine downloaded an
update when I went to the next machine to download the same update it
would come from the proxy server.

What do you think? Is this a bad idea?

I'd want to give the caching proxy server about a gig or 1.5 gigs of
disk space. Does this seem reasonable?


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