fdisk and hard drives larger than 2GB

fdisk and hard drives larger than 2GB

Post by David Gething » Thu, 12 Dec 2002 00:29:05


I'm sure this is documented somewhere on the FreeBSD website, or an FAQ
somewhere, but after a couple of days searching I have drawn a blank.

Basically my problem is that fdisk 'refuses' to create a partition/slice
larger than 2GB even though the HD is 20GB in size.

I have checked my BIOS. This reports the correct Size
Cylinder/Head/Sector (2491/255/63) however fdisk always only sees
256/255/63. I have tried reseting the geometry in fdisk with the C/H/S
values provided by the BIOS, but when creating the partion in fdisk it
will only ever allocate 2GB, regardless of what value I give it.

I'm currently running FreeBSD 4.6.2 RELEASE on i368 platform. I have
also looked at upgrading to 4.7 RELEASE, but the fdisk on that version
has the same problem too and I know I will run short of disk space if I

So please, anyone with any info/links/advice on what I can you to
resolve my problem, please let me know!




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We are running SCO 3.2/4.2 with a DPT PCI SCSI controller configured for
RAID level 1 (disk mirroring).

We would like to replace our drives (currently 2GB) with larger capacity
hard drives (4GB).

Our LONE-TAR backup software will allow us to restore our data to a
different hard drive.

In theory, this means I can install and configure the new drive array
using the dos DPT utility, then reboot using our LONE-TAR system crash
airbag recovery disks, then pick the option to restore the data on the
new array.

Has anyone tried this yet? Or is there a simpler way to perform this

Mike Scholz

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