Trantor T-160 SCSI Card

Trantor T-160 SCSI Card

Post by Simon Y. Chan » Mon, 09 Jul 2001 07:30:54

Howdy y'all,

I am about to receive (yet another) box to play around with FreeBSD
v4.3-RELEASE.  I also have an older Trantor T-160 SCSI card that I was
wondering if it would work with v4.3.

Does anyone which driver I should use?  I checked the handbook and it didn't
say (that, or I was blind).

Thanks in advance,

Simon Chang


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Hi all,

I have installed linux on a few computers and I am getting good at using it
too. I have one problem : On my "latest" computer , I have a trantor t-160
SCSI card for my NEC 3x cdrom. The scsi boot disks from slackware 3.4 can't
find the thing. ( Win95 does not find it either but I don't need that
anyway). I was wandering if anyone uses such a card or if anyone as a tipp
for me.

Louis-Michel Gelinas

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