Write failure on transfer!

Write failure on transfer!

Post by clifford ho » Sat, 12 May 2001 03:39:40

I just recently downloaded some minimal distribution
from an ftp site.  I also acquired the boot floppies and
tried installing the FreeBSD 4.3-Release from the cd
I burned.  The most I got out of the installation is the
extracting of the very first distribution which is the
bin directory.  It does not go through with the extraction
and halts indicating "write failure on transfer".

I surfed around the web and found few suggestions.

1)Try formatting the whole c: drive and try again.
Did that but still same problem.

2)Disable all cache.
Didn't work.  Sample problem.  Write failure.

Sometimes the bin extraction stops at 25% and sometimes at 97%.
The write failure happens anytime during the installation no matter
if it's 1% or 99%.

Please advice.


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I'm attempting to install 2.2.7 on a ST410800N 9GB scsi drive using an
adaptec 1542CP.  The novice install complains about the geometry, and
fakes one which is close to using the whole drive ... and I'm using the
entire disk for FreeBSD and the default partitions ... when installing,
however, I get the dreaded write failed on transfer error message (wrote
-1 bytes of 1024 bytes), and this message repeatedly interrupts the
installation process ... forcing the thing to never complete.

I'm assuming that my geometry might be off, or some such thing ... the
physical geometry is


but of course this won't do for a boot device ... any pointers???

Thanks in advance,

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