HELP - Im am a complete idiot!!

HELP - Im am a complete idiot!!

Post by Josh » Fri, 24 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I [finally] got my boot disk made and working today!  Now I ran into a
new problem... I am not a big hardware guru so I couldn't figure out the
kernel configuration and everything.  "Sucks" was not on the hardware
list thingy, so am I hosed or what?  
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1. I am an admitted unix idiot-please help!

I have been doing CGI for film, TV, and print for several years, but I am
now faced with the reality of learning both Wavefront and unix on the SGI.
I have found a place that wants to hire me, and they will send me to Wave-
front class but I must learn unix on my own. So I bought an approprPlease enter.
iate book
titled"UNIX for Dummies" which I have read, but I'm looking for perhaps
netsites where I can learn more or anywhere else I can crash course as
well as any suggestions. Please help!! I can be E-mailed at

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                Thanks Again-

                       George Montgomery

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