Why do I get this error: ``mountd[93]: Bad exports list line...''

Why do I get this error: ``mountd[93]: Bad exports list line...''

Post by Christopher Sean Hilto » Wed, 11 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I want to NFS export the cdrom drive and zip drives on my FreeBSD box
but when I do I get the error:

     ... mountd[93]: Bad exports list line /zip    -ro -mapall
     ... mountd[93]: Can't change attributes for /zip.

for every filesystem I export after the first one. My /etc/exports
looks like this:

      /cdrom    -ro -mapall=nobody
      /zip      -ro -mapall=nobody

The export works find and I can mount the drives and everything but
I'm puzzled as to why I get the error.

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