PCMCIA 3Com 3C589 on fbsd2.2.6 question

PCMCIA 3Com 3C589 on fbsd2.2.6 question

Post by Ashutosh Tripath » Mon, 30 Nov 1998 04:00:00


        I am banging my head on this for about 2 days... Got my Rockwell K56flex
PCMCIA modem working now... But the 3Com 3C589 ether card refuses to work.

Here is my situation...
1. I have the /etc/pccard.conf entry right. I know this because when the pccardd daemon
        starts up it detects the card, matches it correctly with the pccard.conf
        entry and attaches the "ep0" driver to it OK!! I know, you would say
        "What is the problem then"?? The problem is, the card is not "started", as
        indicated by the transciever on it not coming up [i have it going to a
        hub, so if the card starts up correctly, the hub light comes on].
        [Yes.. i did try pinging other machines on the hub, hoping that maybe the
        LED on the hub is broken, and yes have tried plugging it into different
        hub ports, YES those ports are KNOWN to work because other machines work
        OK on those hub ports!!].

2. Needless to say, the card(s) [both the modem AND the ether] work fine when
        i boot my Thinkpad in Windoze95.

3. As far as i can tell, everything is fine, the pccardd daemon even correctly reads
        the MAC address from the card.

4. It used to work all perfectly well with the zp0 driver [before i HAD to move to pccard stuff
        because i HAD to use the pcmcia modem thingie].

5. I have the irq in my kernel config file (derived from GENERIC) matching the one i have
        specified in the pccard.conf stanza. [Have tried "?" as the irq as well...].

        What am i doing wrong?? I have tried disabling the probing of ep0 (by boot kernel -c),
tried all combinations of irqs, etc, etc..

        Looking at newsgroups, on-line info about PAO (the one in Japan) etc. etc. seems to
indicate that this 3Com card works for everybody else. Could the problem be 2 PCMCIA cards then?

        PLEASE HELP!!

PS: Does somebody have a collection of the following
        a) The "device ep0 at isa? port xxxxxxx" entry in the kernel config file.
        b) Whether to enable probing of ep0 in kernel or not.
        c) An example pccard.conf entry which is known to work. [Well... there is already
                one in pccard.conf.sample, i guess that one works??].
        d) helpful hints ;-)



PCMCIA 3Com 3C589 on fbsd2.2.6 question

Post by Ashutosh Tripath » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00

> That card supports both 10Bt and 10B2 -- you probably need to do a -link0
> +link1 _OR_ a +link0 -link1 to select media ...

Hi Robert,

        That indeed turned out to be the problem. In pccard.conf.sample
stanza for this card, the line is

        pccard_ether ep0 -link0 link1

There is a line just below that, which is commented out

        pccard_ether ep0 link0 -link1

        THAT IS THE ONE YOU WANT if you are using the UTP port
on this card. [In particular, the -link1 seems to be the thing,
even pccard_ether ep0 -link1 would work.]

        I will make a followup posting to the ng.

        People still on fbsd2.2.6 who are trying to use this card with
the pci controller, beware. Not sure if this has been taken care of
in 2.2.7.



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David Chavez

P.S. Yesterday I posted a question about video support for the 325CDS.
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