netscape, linux and realplayer....

netscape, linux and realplayer....

Post by Heiko Recktenwal » Sun, 07 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi, I am playing around with realaudio, maybe I shouldnt, and yes, realaudio
works. With the linux_base from 3.4 RELEASE even with this old 3.1 system, the
installer wasnt anymore coredumping. But I am not shure about the best strategy
with netcape. I wish, I could simply use the old nativ netscape 4.08 I had
before. Replaced it by linux-netscape 4.7 from the 3.4 RELEASE, package, and
later got the "Linux 2.0 netscape 4.7" from the netscape site, which is a
little bit faster, but it is still opening with a dns query, ppp dialing etc,
even with host before bind and a "homepage" in the lan. Hmmm....

As far as I could read, I need a Linux netscape for the linux plugin, that
comes with realplayer (rp7). And (I think) I need this plugin to be able to
see the stuff, that comes from "realservers" with their proprietary protocol.
Is this true or is there any other way ?

Thanks !


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