what is a INS server?

what is a INS server?

Post by bria » Wed, 03 Jul 2002 13:48:42

what is a INS server? Internet Name Server? I can't find this anywhere.



what is a INS server?

Post by Jens Schweikhard » Wed, 03 Jul 2002 15:58:27

# what is a INS server? Internet Name Server? I can't find this anywhere.

Are you sure about INS? You might be thinking of NIS, formerly called
yp, the network information service.

        $ man nis


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Does any one out there have a following setup:

        Server:  RS/6000 servers at a remote site (e.g., California),
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                 site, possibly in an adjacent room and/or building) to
                 access large (GB and larger) datafiles.

        Users:   Dial-ins from another remote site (for example, Maine).
                 Users mostly dialing into the unix server to run large
                 compute-intensive jobs in the background (similar to batch
                 mode on the mainframe).  Most dial-up sessions would last
                 about 60-90 minutes over a 9600 baud line.

If you have/had a similar setup (or ever considered it), could you please
forward your experiences (good and bad), suggestions, do's and don'ts,
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