glocate segmentation fault

glocate segmentation fault

Post by Johan Vervloe » Mon, 30 Dec 2002 20:39:00


When I try to glocate a file on my FreeBSD 4.7 box, I always get a
segmentation fault.  Did someone experience the same problem ? And were
you able to solve it ?



Is er leven zonder Microsoft ?


1. Compiling *** VIM 5.3 *** Segmentation Fault..what is Seg-Fault..MEM Bounds?

Compiled fine........upgraded from 4.6  REdhat 5.0

got the src and rt of the autors VIM site via

changed the first requested by auther line in ".vimrc" file to not
read "version 4.00" and it worked once.....Gee

Now I am using it on everything ...DOS Win95 even NT40 !!!!

I know go back to the early version but still.....
what or why ...

"Segmentation Fault...Core dump"
thanks in advance.....Matt

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