help w/ cdrom changer, and lynx....

help w/ cdrom changer, and lynx....

Post by Nathan Vidica » Fri, 07 Nov 1997 04:00:00


To Whomever can answer this, I am a new user of FreeBSD 2.2.2, the
questions I'm asking, I didn't find in the handbook, or the FAQ, so please
don't tell me to go read them...I already have!

Anyways, here's the trouble:
I have an NEc 4disc CD-Rom changer, (internal IDE 6x)
how should I mount the cdrom(s) in windows, each disc had a seperate
letter, in /dev, i have wd2s(1-4), is that the drive, (it's a slave drive
on the first ide channel), if so, is it possible to mount them to anywhere?
I tried making dirs "/cdrom1" etc, but that didn't work, what I'd like to
do most, is mount disc2 to /var/ftp/pub/cdrom2 if it is possible? is it? if
not, then how exactly do i mount the cdrom? (the kernel does pick the drive
up, and details when the kernel boots, state that it is a 4disc ejectable
changer, w/ 255volume levels)

Also, I have another small trouble,
        I get an error when i run make for the /usr/ports/www/lynx port, it tells
me "/usr/ports/distfiles" is missing, cannot continue" what do i do, where
can i get distfiles from? it's not on the cdrom?

Please Respond ASAP, I need some help here!

Nathan Vidican
(519) 728-4190
Diamond_C of Dalnet