Apache Jserv / java servlets under FreeBSD Apache

Apache Jserv / java servlets under FreeBSD Apache

Post by Alan Lawrenc » Wed, 17 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I dont know if this is really the right place to ask, and I am a
relative Unix novice, but here goes anyway:

We have FreeBSD 2.2.7 and a working install of Apache 1.3.4, compiled with
options --enable-module=most --enable-shared=max. This should enable DSO
support. We also have JDK 1.1.7 ported for FreeBSD, and that works fine

The problem is that I am trying to install java servlet support for apache
with Apache Jserv 1.0b2. I have JSDK2.0 as well, but cant test whether
that "works" OK(!)

The configure script for jserv throws up some peculiar errors: if I ran it
according to the instructions for DSO given on-line,

./configure --with-apache-install="/usr/local/etc/src/apache" \
(i.e. --with-apache-install=/path/to/apache/source)

then it says "DSO not enabled" and exits.

If I give it the path to my apache installation, it does the same.

The "--enable-apache-conf" seems to make no difference whatever other
options I use.

if I run configure without --with-apache-install, it detects apache in
/usr/local/apache and offers to install it there; it finishes without
error messages whether i answer y or n. But when I "make" (or gmake)
jserv, the make script finishes OK but mod_jserv.so, the essential
library, does not exist anywhere. "make install" (or gmake) also finishes
successfully, however the mod_jserv file is never installed into the
apache libexec directory. Adding the "LoadModule" / "AddModule" things to
httpd.conf stops it from starting correctly.

on further inspection, the makefile in Apache-JServ-1.0b2/src/c
says "cp ./.libs/libjserv.so ./mod_jserv.so" and the .libs diretory does
not exist! This is the only reference to mod_jserv.so anywhere in the
source tree.

Has anyone else managed to install JServ on FreeBSD?

Thanks for your help,
Alan Lawrence


1. jserv for apache : JServUtils.java:66: Class javax.servlet.http.Cookie not found in import.


I spent a few hours this afternoon trying to install jserv for apache
(jserv.apache.org), but there is _always_ the same problem during the
"make" :(. I looked on the faq, on deja.com and altavista, without
finding anything useful. Maybe you will be able to tell me where
the problem is ? All the other things are working perfectely (php, ssl, etc.)

System : Suse Linux 6.2, with jdk 1.1.7, JSDK2.0, apache 1.3.9, jserv 1.0

Making all in java
make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/web/ApacheJServ-1.0/src/java'
CLASSPATH=:../JSDK2.0/lib/jsdk.jar:. /usr/lib/jdk1.1.7/bin/javac -g \
                     -deprecation ./org/apache/java/io/LogRecord.java
[ ......... about 15 lines deleted ............... ]
CLASSPATH=:../JSDK2.0/lib/jsdk.jar:. /usr/lib/jdk1.1.7/bin/javac -g \
                      -deprecation ./org/apache/jserv/JServUtils.java
./org/apache/jserv/JServUtils.java:66: Class javax.servlet.http.Cookie not
found in import.

import javax.servlet.http.Cookie;
1 error
make[2]: *** [org/apache/jserv/JServUtils.class] Error 1

Voila, You know everything now... Thanks in advance for any hint!

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