Strange kernel error message

Strange kernel error message

Post by Ralph Nun » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 03:11:48


Maybe this is also a newbie question, but this has happened a couple of
times to me now, and I wonder if something is up with this.

I get a scrolling message on the console that says something to the effect
of "kernel: microuptime() going backwards -> (large number, different
every time)".  Obviously, this is also ending up in my /var/log/messages
file.  The only way I can stop this message from happening (that I know of
anyway) is to reboot.

If someone has any idea what this is trying to tell me, I'd certainly
appreciate some sort of advice.


-Ralph Nunn

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1. INN causing strange kernel error messages

I just installed INN from the Slackware 2.1 and I'm getting
the following messages in /var/adm/messages (several times/day)

kernel: inn tried to do a shared writeable mapping
kernel: expire tried to do a shared writeable mapping
kernel: in.nnrpd tried to do a shared writeable mapping

I'm running kernel 1.1.88

INN seems to be working OK but these messages concern me.
Any ideas would be appreciated.



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