ctm Maschine down??

ctm Maschine down??

Post by Oliver Stuebb » Thu, 26 Apr 2001 19:24:01

I read in an german newsgroup that the ctm generating maschine is down,
How long did it take until this maschine generates the ctm again??

cu Oliver  ;-)
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1. ISDN, answering maschine

Hy folks !!!
Does anybody have ever used his Linux-box with ISDN? I deside to get
such a
connection, using it for SLIP/PPP and as a answering- and fax-maschine.
But I
only want to spend money at this, if I can be "sure", everything will
work. The
most importand thing is, to use it for "normal" connections from home to
university. But it would be fine to have a full-featured tk-box.

So, does anybody know, wich ISDN-card work fine, wich not and how
difficult it
will be?

I'm running a S.u.S.E.-4.2 with some updates to 4.4 on a P90, wich has
much MB.



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