ideas od perf of samba + freebsd vs nfs + freebsd

ideas od perf of samba + freebsd vs nfs + freebsd

Post by Kristian Ra » Tue, 23 May 2000 04:00:00


Quote:>I'm looking for info on performance of samba vs nfs on freebsd
>Bryan webb

I dont know about nfs - cant get free or bundled in clients for my
other os'es so i dont use it.

But anyway...

Base Server :
- FreeBSD 3.4-Release Dual P166 - 96 ram - almost always 64 Megs free
- NIC Intel EtherExpress pro-100 (a xxx9 ver.) running at
  10 MBit (NOT 100)
- HDD lowlife 3.2 Gig quantum IDE

Client :
- Win 98 first ed. upg. (prev w95 osr2/usb) AMD K6-II 3D 450/64Megs
- NIC exact same intel as above also at 10 MBit
- MS client TCP/IP
- MS NW client IPX
- HDD 9.1 G IBM UW/7200 rpm on a 2940UW

Virtual servers on the FreeBSD
Both are "thrown" in and non optimized - essentially they run
at distribution default settings except for names, shares and passwds
The primary "share"/"volume" is the same directory on the disk.

Drag and drop from/to server from 98 machine of 80 meg file

MarsNWE IPX             692 Kilobyte pr. sec    ~= 69% of max..  
Samba           TCP/IP          961 Kilobyte pr. sec.   ~= 96% of max.

FTP - from same client - just running 3.4-Release instead

FTP             TCP/IP          941 Kilobyte pr. sec.   ~= 94% of max.

Notes :
MS clients are very weak on certain NIC's
as an example i get approx. 275K / 700K r/w performance
on a HIGHLY "optimized " Samba if i use a 3COM 3C509 ISA card
and 50 / 200 K on the install defaults for samba.

"optimized" = deoptimized samba server that delivers data
at a weird rate (block size etc.) that suits the 3COM / MS Client




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Hello again everybody,

This is related to the latest stable Linux Kernel and SAMBA.  I
currently use a FreeBSD Raid system (DPT Controller) for NFS and samba
fileshares.  I plan to replace this server with a Linux server.

I've known from past experience that the BSD NFS seems to be faster.  Is
this still true?

Do you think the Linux Server will be as quick/stable as the FreeBSD
with the latest samba and nfs using RAID 5?


Jim Valavanis

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