off topic. looking for a sample how to handle text terminals

off topic. looking for a sample how to handle text terminals

Post by Karl » Mon, 15 Mar 1999 04:00:00

because all of the packages available to purchase are mostly in english and
for the US i need to write a billing software in german language and fitting
the financial laws we have here. it should run on :

freebsd with text terminals / telnet and mysql as database. i think perl
with curses and dbi should be the environment.

now i am looking for a sample program to get my terminal/ database interface
as good as possible.

many thanks


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Hello !!!!

    I am a student of computer sciencie in Spain... I am triying to make a
minishell like bash but smaller...with only a few commands... I have to
implment command time but i am having problems. I am trying to execute a
command in a process child and count the time that it is executing. I have
used the structure tms...but i am not sure which camp of the structure to
use...... Any one can help me..?

Can tell me what i am making wrong? I dont't know how to convert...ticks in
seconds and mseconds... Thank you very much

 Ignacio Robledo Rosell
 "When code matters more than comercials"

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