DUN and pppd

DUN and pppd

Post by James Carlso » Thu, 17 Dec 1998 04:00:00

> Heres my mgetty logs when i enalble error control in dial up networking:
> 12/15 22:48:08 yd1   got:  28800/V34/NONE[0d]
> 12/15 22:48:08 yd1    CND: CONNECT 28800/V34/NONE
> 12/15 22:48:08 yd1    CND: found: 28800/V34/NONE[0a] ** found **
> 12/15 22:48:08 yd1   waiting for line to clear (VTIME), read: [11][91][11]
> [91][11][91][11][91][11][91][11][91][11] ... goes on like this for a while

> 12/15 22:48:10 yd1  clean_line: only 500 of 2137 bytes logged
> 12/15 22:48:10 yd1   utmp + wtmp entry made
> 12/15 22:48:10 yd1   tio_set_flow_control( HARD )
> 12/15 22:48:10 yd1   getlogname (AUTO_PPP), read:[16][10][02][1a][01][02]
> [01][06][01][00][00][00][00][ff][02][01][03]
> 12/15 22:48:12 yd1   getlogname (AUTO_PPP), read:[03]
> 12/15 22:48:12 yd1   getlogname (AUTO_PPP), read:[01][08][04]
> disconnects now

Hmm.  That looks a lot raw MNP or V.42.  That's not surprising at all.
Your modem is somehow misconfigured -- the "CONNECT 28800/V34/NONE"
message indicates that the modem is negotiating into so-called
"buffered" mode (V.14) operation.  This isn't good.  It means that
normal V.42 error control and V.42bis compression are both disabled.
The fact that you're getting MNP or V.42 frames means that the the
peer modem *IS* trying to use V.42 or MNP.  That's just not going to
connect to PPP at all.

You either need to add the magic "AT" commands to your chat script to
enable normal negotiation or otherwise permanently configure the modem
to work right.


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