newbie confused over install

newbie confused over install

Post by Nick Rou » Wed, 17 May 2000 04:00:00

Relatively new to FreeBSD but have installed various linux systems (RH,
Suse, Mandrake, Freesco).

Using cdrom fbsd 3.2 on a system with a PCI realtek 8029 which is driven
(I think) by the ne2000 driver. In kernel config i disabled all of the
isa networking stuff. according to the messages flashing across the
screen the card is detected as ed0, but I am never given a chance to set
its ip address and other network parameters. later in the install is a
section for setting network parameters but it doesn't seem to let me set
those for ed0, only ed1.

How do I set up this card? The whole thing runs and I get a nice X
display with kde etc, but no damn access to my lan!

Help please?


1. File permissions/access and CHAP - confused newbie!

Greetings from a newbie Windoze refuge! (the quotations below are to keep
myself organized, I know root is root and not "root")

After much mucking around, I have a technique to log into my MCIWorld CHAP
account. They (MCIWorld) said it couldn't be done - really they said we can't
help you, go away. Anyway...

I'm trying to let the "user" fire up a ppp script rather than having to be the
"root" all the time ( a bad idea, I think) and typing in a long complicated
/usr/bin/pppd /dev/tty... command to start my ppp session. Since this is a
standalone machine and I am the only person using the machine, I think its OK
for "user" to have access to PPP. All the ideas and scripts came from

my users: "root" and "dave"
my scripts: pppon and chatscript (both created as "root" user with emacs)

pppon script has a line: "/usr/sbin/pppd /dev/ttyS1 .... "chat -f
and chatscript dials the ISP number and sets init strings to the modem.

Now the confusion, these are the commands (from the axion paper) to let other
users (hopefully "dave") access the pppon script:

1. mv pppon /usr/bin            : worked ok, file in /usr/bin  
2. chmod a+rx /usr/bin/pppon    : worked ok too, permission changed    
3. chown <user> chatscript        :here I substituted dave for <user>, worked ok
4. su <user>                      : I did su dave
                                : I checked and chatscript
                                : has the permissions "-rw-r--r-- dave root
5. mv chatscript $HOME  : ERROR message
                                : mv:cannot unlink 'chatscript': permission
                                : mv: cannot remove 'chatscript': permission
6. chmod go-rwx $HOME/chatscript        : never got to this command!

The way I understand this stuff (not very well obviously) is that as user
"dave" I should be able to type in a terminal window "pppon" and the whole
process should start.

I'm stuck, confused and very tired (but enjoying the learning curve!). What am
I doing wrong/setting permissions wrong or ... in line 5? The $HOME shell
variable thing is representative of /home/dave/? or something like that?

Getting closer every day and TIA,

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