Error when starting snmpd

Error when starting snmpd

Post by Jean-Yves Avenar » Tue, 04 Jun 2002 16:20:30

Hello all.

I can't figure out how to start the snmpd daemon.

Quote:>snmpd -DALL

I keep getting in /var/log/snmpd.log
snmp_agent: final port spec: udp:161
trace: init_master_agent(): snmp_agent.c, 845
snmp_agent: installing master agent on port udp:161
trace: netsnmp_tdomain_transport(): snmp_transport.c, 321
tdomain: specifier "udp" address "161"
trace: netsnmp_tdomain_transport(): snmp_transport.c, 327
tdomain: specifier "udp" matched
trace: netsnmp_sockaddr_in(): snmpUDPDomain.c, 324
netsnmp_sockaddr_in: addr 0xbfbfeb78, peername "161"
trace: netsnmp_sockaddr_in(): snmpUDPDomain.c, 368
netsnmp_sockaddr_in: totally numeric: 161
trace: netsnmp_sockaddr_in(): snmpUDPDomain.c, 411
netsnmp_sockaddr_in: return { AF_INET, }
trace: netsnmp_udp_transport(): snmpUDPDomain.c, 199
snmp_udp: open local udp:
Error opening specified endpoint "udp:161"
Server Exiting with code 1

I tried to use a different port than the default one, either udp or tcp
without any luck..

Thank you for your help


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Where is the mistake ?

Thanks for your help,

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