SCSI Problem with Adaptec 1542 B and Seagate Elite

SCSI Problem with Adaptec 1542 B and Seagate Elite

Post by Heiko Recktenwal » Mon, 09 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Seagate is ST43400N, its one of those old very big drives......, 3 GB, with
the > 1 GB BIOS on the Adaptec card....

Dont know if I should be worried: Today nothing went anymore, an X Session,
Netscape etc, and when I switched to a virtual console I saw a message
saying something about an "SCSI timeout", that wasnt logged, of cause ;-)

It went ok after 5 minutes or so. But I am a little bit disturbed.

Machine is a 486 dx 33, 32 RAM, System is 3.1, generic kernel.



1. Adaptec AHA-1542 SCSI problem

I installed RedHat 5.1 using an IDE CD-ROM drive, and since upgraded to one
SCSI CD reader and one SCSI CD re-writer.  I run these on an Adaptec
AHA-1542 host adapter.  I've had no luck getting Linux to see this card.

Please note that my computer's PNP bios sees the ISA SCSI card along with
other cards on the ISA bus just before LILO pops up.  I also have had this
setup working flawlessly in Windows for quite some time.  I think I have the
hardware installed correctly.

Please help me ?

I've tried the following things:
-Turned SCSI BIOS on and off

-Issued modprobe /lib/modules/preferred/aha1542.o
    ***This may help for the solution:  When I type this command, modprobe
returns an error that states,         "ERROR: DEVICE OR RESOURCE BUSY."

-Looked through all loaded modules with "lsmod" and all active processes
with "ps -ax".  I see no reason Linux would say it's busy.

-Examined boot messages.  There's a line that says "SCSI: 0 host(s) detected
total".  There are no errors surrounding this statement, so I'm assuming
Linux doesn't even see the card.

-Issued "isapnp".  The card is not seen by this command.

Thank you in advance for your time and advice!

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