proxyall firewall setup?

proxyall firewall setup?

Post by Nick Say » Fri, 25 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I couldn't find this on the site. Perhaps I didn't look in
the right place?

I am trying to figure out how to set up an arp proxyall machine as a

The site has only one network, and not enough space to subnet it.
It is fed with ADSL, and the ADSL router does not have any filtering
capability. The IP addresses below are just an example.

     DSL box
-------------- addr mask 0xfffffff0 "outside"
    de0 ?
  FreeBSD box
-------------- addr mask 0xfffffff0 "inside"

The FreeBSD machine will have ipfw rules to allow or deny
stuff as needed.

The idea is that the devices on the "inside" network will be able to
spot the router via the arp proxy magic. Similarly, the router will
also be able to spot inside devices via the arp proxy stuff.
But the packets need to be able to be routed once they get into the
FreeBSD machine. So de1 would have to have a route to the
192.9.200 network, but how does de0 find the router? I can't
add a 2nd route to the 192.9.200 network (it would only use one in
any case).

Does it work if I give de1 a 192.9.200 address and de0
with a netmask of 0xffffffff? Would the arpproxy stuff allow it to
find the router?

Is anyone doing this sort of thing?

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1. Firewall setup - ?network setup during installation


I am a beginner.

I could install the OpenBSD 2.6. However in the network setup during the
installation I wasn't quite sure what to do.
I want to use it as a firewall to protect a windows-network.

My setup:
1 NT Server, 4 WS
Firewall (Openbsd, Squid, Openssh, QMail) => connected with NT-Server,
not part of the windows network

Windows NT
(to network) nt
(to firewall)   nt

Firewall        fw

PPP-setup was not a problem

*  1.*
I entered the following values at the prompts: Is that correct?
Default route: router-adress ISP (eunet-gw.mydomain.xx)
Primary nameserver: DNS 1 from ISP

*  2.*
The following resolv.conf was created: (What is the meaning of this
file?? Where is doc??)
search mydomain.xx
nameserver (DNS 1 from ISP)
lookup file bind                                                    ==>
what means that???

*  3.*
I want to use x-window. I installed the packages: xserv26.tar.gz
When I try to start x-windows with xdm there is no error message like
command not found. But it isn't starting up.
How to configure?

Thank you very much
Best regards

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