Network Audio System (NAS) on 2.1.5R

Network Audio System (NAS) on 2.1.5R

Post by Butter Jone » Tue, 15 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hey there, I was wondering if any has gotten NAS to run functionally on
2.1.5-R.  I have SB16 on my 486, I compiled NAS, and got the audio
server auvoxware, which as I understand the server that supports sb's
and such.  I start it up auserver -aa & and it starts up fine, ps -aux
shows it running...NOW, when I try to run aupanel or auanything it says
can't connect to server...I have nothing else on port I need
to stick it /etc/services or what else could I be missing?

Butter Jones.......


1. NAS (Network Audio System) and audio support in general

I'm running FBSD2.1R (2.1.5R may be installed this month if time
allows), and I have a SoundBlaster with all the kernel support and

Tracker and s3mod play well, as does say from rsynth and I have
installed NAS.  The NAS documentation makes mention of a NAS SERVER
but I have no clue about such a beast.  Is this a piece of NCD
non-free code?  (not to denegrate NCD in any way).  Or am I just
missing something terribly obvious.

Also, what the heck do I use to get sound IN the machine?  Can I just
cat /dev/audio and get stuff?  What format is the stuff?  What about
the other snd devices?  Please tell me where I missed all this in TFM.


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