log times in GMT, not local

log times in GMT, not local

Post by Ron Echever » Fri, 19 Jul 1996 04:00:00

>I had posted previously that our apache web server was having problems
>with log times.  Now the problems has spread.  Basicly, log times are
>being recorded in GMT, rather than local time.  But now it's affecting
>other logging mechanisms, like the maillog files.
>Can any geniuses and/or members of the programming team point me to
>a fix?

Well, i'm neither, but does /etc/wall_cmos_clock exist?  That's what
tells FreeBSD that your CMOS clock is local and not set to UTC...


       No, i don't know what i'm doing, and if i did, i wouldn't tell you.


1. log times in GMT, not local

We've recently had to do a complete reinstall/recovery of apache running under
FreeBSD (hard drive died).  Since the recovery, however, all log entries in
the access and error logs are given in GMT (four hours ahead) rather than
local time.

We're running FreeBSD 2.1 and apache 1.0.5.  All other loggin functions, such
as mail logs, seem to be working fine.

Why is apache doing this?


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